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Registered No. 5447054, Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff CF14 3UZ United Kingdom

Euroconsult International Ltd has an extensive and unique expertise in the Middle East in establishing or enhancing precast factories. EIL has also design and run satellite Hollow core slabs production facilities, prestressed girders and post-tension bridge girders.
Thanks to our senior leadership in the precast industry and engineering with over 25 years experience in the Middle East, EIL is in the unique position to offer technical support to:

  1. Well established precast companies, that would like to improve, renovate or inject new techniques in their production lines; or, simply trying to be ahead of the competition
  2. Contracting and Trading firms trying to get involved in the precast, pre-stressed or post-tension industry, to enhance market exposure and turn over.
  3. Investors with the vision to double their investment. EIL can also undertake Feasibility Studies to determine location, output, and type of elements to be manufactured.

 Euroconsult can provide: Technical and Design Support, as well as Project Management and Technical Consultancy Services.



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