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Registered No. 5447054, Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff CF14 3UZ United Kingdom

This is a complementary activity to the Technical Design Support, and can overlap to shorten the period for final commissioning and operation of factory works.
What we offer:

    • Help to appoint suitable contractors where appropriate with known technical staff familiar with industrial developments to enable the satisfactory construction of the factory or works in time.
    • Entire project supervision of civil and electromechanical construction: cast in situ works, footings, equipment foundations, retaining wall, water tanks, installation of steel pre-engineered buildings; construction of abutments, floor beds, heating system, erection of batching plant, overhead cranes and precast tables or forms.
    • Check and report quality of works which must be in complete accordance to European or American Standards.
    • Planning and follow up of equipment supply, installation supervision, testing and commissioning, making final recommendations on acceptance, schedule and supply of spare parts sufficient for at least a year operations as well as reviewing the operating manuals for different machinery and equipments acquired.
    • Assistance in recruiting and training of electricians, qualified mechanics as well as technical personnel required to run the factory’s equipment, with a close liaison with equipment suppliers.




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