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Registered No. 5447054, Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff CF14 3UZ United Kingdom

This task is normally carried out in ad-hoc conditions, when well established companies may require advice on punctual or strategic works, or to have a second opinion on a number of issues ranging from specialized design strategies to suit the existing production array or implement new lines/products to embrace the ever demanding market and to be ahead of the competition. A few of these tasks can be described as follows:

  1. Preparation of Preliminary Factory Reports to assess the status quo of the factory providing an insight of operations to include possible future expansions.
  2. Exercise the role as appointed Technical Directors, rendering specialized services through its Executive Director based in Riyadh or in London (United Kingdom).
  3. To provide technical assistance in reviewing tendering documents, to evaluate and recommend cost saving design changes in order to secure projects, including the recommendation and commissioning of specialist equipment required to implement expansion programs on time.
  4.  Authorized to discuss and negotiate purely technical aspects on behalf of client with contractors, Architects or Consulting Engineers based in the Middle East or elsewhere for entire projects or individual elements that may be introduced in new production lines.
  5. To provide Structural Engineering expertise to come up with design concepts for projects and/or individual products. EIL may also review shop drawings executed in house or externally prior to fabrication, to ensure they follow specifications.
  6.  Advise on arrangement and fabrication of ancillary equipment, moulds or factory gadgets whether for old or new products as directed by client’s technical management.
  7. Authorize EIL to meet representatives and/or contractors on site to resolve issues related to technical queries and attend meetings when and if necessary.
  8. Advise and improvement where appropriate the quality control procedures and Quality Control assurances as per International standards codes of practice.
  9. Work and advice on Cost Control Systems, reporting methods and development of excel sheets for unit cost analysis and any other related technical task.





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