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Registered No. 5447054, Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff CF14 3UZ United Kingdom

Our services include:

Market research deskwork, technical investigation, field work and preparation of technical specifications for tender purposes and preliminary studies.

  • Preparation of precast factory layouts with a modus operand of production lines
  • Based on client approved factory layouts, soil test report and general utilities plan for the proposed factory, preparation of initial project drawings for client’s evaluation, comments and approval.  
  • Preparation of final civil works, including the engineering and structural design for plant and associated installations, including data and documentation for statutory approvals.
  • Electro-mechanical works, design and engineering of electrical power supply for all the installation, including electrical load schedule, plant illumination, specification of electrical equipment, water supply, sewage treatment plant, fire fighting system, compressed air system and siren alarm system for stressing operations.  
  • Assistance in prequalification procedures of suitable contractors, tendering, evaluation and recommendations to client for the awarding contract process. 
  • Final reporting and presentation.
  • At client’s request, HR for project managers to follow up contractors on site to resolve technical queries or attends meetings as and when required. Site minutes of meeting and instructions are updated and measures are taken to satisfy the project schedule.


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