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Registered No. 5447054, Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff CF14 3UZ United Kingdom

Our know-how covers activities such as:

  1. Complete re-design of projects using precast technology as part of a Value Engineering Study to then compare the cost with cast in-situ in a variety of projects such as housing, parking buildings, schools, commercial and office blocks and mall building projects.
  2. Precast and prestressed factory design packages to realize specific projects or as part of an investment scheme for contractors or business oriented companies for sustainable and long term production capabilities.
  3. Marketing studies and complete cost analysis for precast, prestressed or post-tension factories, including layout design, production hall and product lines, breakdown cost of ancillary machinery and equipment, manning as well as capital expenditure, break-even point, projected profits and banking scheme requirements to facilitate client’s soft loans.
  4. Temporary or site precast outlets for specific bridge projects to cast prestressed or post-tensioned girders. EIL involvement includes technical studies, production schedules, and structural design of abutments, moulds and production lines, recommending the most suitable internationally approved stressing system.
  5. Drafting of method statements for the production, handling and installation of prestressed or post-tension girders, including void and box slabs for bridges and under-passes, using multi-strand tendon stressing systems and single or multi-span bridges.
  6. Prepare tender documents to acquire specialized equipment and machinery for specific long line production, such as piles, lighting posts, railway sleepers recommending well known suppliers and local factory outlets to supply or manufacture ancillary equipment.
  7. Outsource drafting to generate complete project drawings including work shop drawings. Our design office based in India is implemented with latest design software packages and qualified engineers and draftsman familiar with precast structural design.



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